Warner Bros. Announces Film Dates

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On the heels of Warner Bros. hit The Lego Movie, the studio has staking out the release date for two new animated features for Memorial Day weekends in 2017 and 2018. While the studio fell short of tying titles in to the announced dates- and with a variety of films in the pipeline- neither is probably the Lego Movie sequel announce the week the first movie released.

The first untitled feature will release on May 24, 2017. The second untitled feature will come out a year later on May 25, 2018. Other films Warner Bros. has in the works include Bolivar, an Untitled Looney Tunes Project, Storks, Smallfoot and The Flintstones. These announced dates may be one of these films, or be completely new projects. Or maybe even more Lego projects.

Warner Bros. has also announced a series of DC Entertainment films. Kicking off with Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, an additional nine DC super hero films have all received release dates (abut again, no titles or synopsis).

In 2013, Jeff Robinov founded a “think tank” for developing theatrical animated films, known as the Warner Animation Group. The group was viewed as the successor of the now-dissolved Warner Bros. Feature Animation, and market a pro-active effort by the studio to bring the quality of their films up to be competitive with other animation studios’ releases. The first WAG release was 2014’s The Lego Movie, which proved to be a surprise box office success. On the day of that films release, WAG announced a Lego sequel, and there are two other animated films in the works at this point.

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