Trivia and Easter Eggs in Inside Out

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Can you believe it? It has been over a year since the last Pixar film. The last was Monsters University in 2013. Now that Inside Out is out, it is time to enjoy another film in the stream of well written and produced movies from Pixar. But it is also time to take a look inside, and look for all the fun bits of trivia and the Easter eggs Pixar likes to slather their films with. Is there an “A-113” reference…. and does the Pizza Planet truck make an appearance? We’ll see!

When Inside Out‘s Riley Anderson heads to her new school in San Francisco, she is put in room A113.

Is the pizza truck back? You bet! The pizza truck has appeared as a cameo in every Pixar film with the possible exception of The Incredibles. According to director Pete Docter, the pizza truck appears three times in the film.

What about cameos? Look for a few. Colette from Ratatouille makes a couple appearances. First, that sure looks like her- as a teen and with blue hair- in the classroom. Docter has also said that she will appear on the cover of a magazine in the film. Remy also shows up twice, once as Riley arrives at her new home, and later in her nightmare.

This is just a short sample of some of the Easter eggs and other bits inserted into Inside Out. There are many other fun bits of trivia and Easter Eggs in Inside Out, and we invite you to check them all out (and submit ore if you find them!) on our Trivia page for Inside Out.

Did you know we have a whole series of pages dedicated to all the Pixar Easter Eggs in all their films? This is a great place to read and learn just what “A-113” means in a Pixar film. And even where it has appeared in non-Pixar films. Its a fun read!

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