First Trailer for Disney’s Frozen

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Disney has released the first trailer for Frozen, their take on the Snow Queen tale made famous by Hans Christian Andersen. Set for release this November, Frozen is a story that Walt himself considered doing, but never actually started on. A version was considered in 2002. By 2010, Disney shelved that project, then changed its status to “on hold.” The film gained new life in late 2011. when Disney announced a new title for the project (Frozen), and committed to a 2013 release date.

This reworking of the Andersen tale starts with a prophecy that traps a kingdom in eternal winter. Anna, a fearless optimist, teams up with extreme mountain man Kristoff and his sidekick reindeer Sven on an epic journey to find Anna’s sister Elsa, the Snow Queen, and put an end to her icy spell. Encountering mystical trolls, a funny snowman named Olaf, Everest-like extremes and magic at every turn, Anna and Kristoff battle the elements in a race to save the kingdom from destruction.

Up until now, my impressions of this film have been of a cold and dark tale, something ominous and foreboding. All of that goes out the window with this trailer, which is more reminiscent of Scrat from Ice Age than a serious animated film from Disney. Honestly, I am not sure how to take this at this point. Let us know what you think of this direction for the film.

Directed by Chris Buck and Wreck It Ralph‘s writer Jennifer Lee, Frozen and will release in the US on November 27, 2013. We have posted the trailer online on the BCDB Frozen Video page.

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