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Steamboat Willie (1928) – Mickey Mouse Theatrical Cartoon Series

Steamboat Willie  (1928) - Mickey Mouse

CotD: Generally credited to have released November 18,1928, ““Steamboat Willie”” had a prior limited, silent release on this date in 1928… thus making today the REAL release date for this short… and the real Mickey Mouse birthday!

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Barn Dance (1929) – Mickey Mouse Theatrical Cartoon

Barn Dance (1929) - Mickey Mouse Cartoon

Mickey wants to take Minnie to a dance, but Pete’s flashy car beats Mickey’s horse-drawn wagon as her transportation of choice. At the dance, Mickey uses some balloons to make himself light on his feet…

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Talking Mickey at Disneyland

Talking Mickey Mouse

You- and your children- can meet Mickey Mickey Mouse when you go to Disneyland- we all know that. But now they have added a new wrinkle to the mouse: he talks! What do you think- should Mickey talk to guests at Disneyland?

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The Band Concert (1935) Mickey Mouse Theatrical Cartoon

The Band Concert: ckey leads his band through a rendition of Rossini’s “The William Tell Overture” in the park. It starts off fine until peanut vendor Donald Duck disrupts the concert… (more)

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