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Cartoon of the Day: Building A Building

Building A Building

Eighty years ago today saw the release of Mickey Mouse in Building A Building. This was not the same Mickey Mouse from Steamboat Willie. Mickey had done a lot of growing up- maturing- in five years, and passed a lot of his bad habits to Donald. And the artists at Disney had shown a drastic improvement in their skills.

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Cartoon of the Day: Pioneer Days

Pioneer Days

Let’s go way back in time for today’s CotD… on this date in 1930, Disney released the Mickey Mouse cartoon Pioneer Days. Directed by Burt Gillett, it was one of the earliest “costume dramas” featuring Mickey and his gang.

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Second Mickey Mouse lawsuit falls on deaf ears

Bearded Mickey

The second of two lawsuits against Christian media mogul Naguib Sawaris over a cartoon of Mickey and Minnie Mouse in conservative Muslim guise was dismissed Saturday by a Cairo court, Egyptian state media reported.

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