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Pink Turns 50! Let’s Celebrate!

One of the greats in the animation character pantheon has just hit his golden anniversary. First appearing in the opening title sequence of the 1963 film The Pink Panther, the animated cat had such an influence on audiences he went on top star in a series of animated theatrical films, various television series, and, of…

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Cartoon of the Day: Bad Luck Blackie

Bad Luck Blackie

Our first Tex Avery short of the year is Bad Luck Blackie, from 1949. Not his most popular character or short, but one worth watching if you are a fan of Avery.

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Cartoon of the Day: The Missing Mouse

The Missing Mouse

From nearly the end of the theatrical series, The Missing Mouse was unique in a few ways. Popular voice actor Paul Frees- Captain Hook from Disney’s Peter Pan from the same year- handles the voice duties for this short, and therein is one of the unique aspects of the film.

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Cartoon of the Day: The Dot And The Line

The Dot And The Line

Chuck Jones made a lot of memorable films. But the best may not have starred a Rabbit, a fleet-footed desert bird, or a martian, or even the Grinch… it may have only featured a couple simple geometric shapes. Released on the last day of 1965, The Dot And The Line won an Academy Award for best short film with it’s simple yet timeless story.

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Cartoon of the Day: Mouse Cleaning

Mouse Cleaning

Back before their television empire, back before the Flintstones and Scooby Doo, William Hanna and Joseph Barbera played a cat against a mouse. From Tom & Jerry, today’s cartoon of the day is Mouse Cleaning from this date in 1948.

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