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Missile-Bound Bear (1961) – Yogi Bear Cartoon Episode Guide

Missile-Bound Bear (1961) - Yogi Bear

CotD: Hey Boo Boo! “Missile-Bound Bear” had everyone’s favorite bear take off for new heights. Today is also the released date for the (arguably) worst feature film Disney ever made…. you will have to find that one on your own!

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“Top Cat” film purrs to record in Mexican theaters

Don Gato y Su Pandilla (Top Cat)

A feature version of Hanna-Barbera’s “Top Cat” series has broken the opening weekend record for a Mexican film at that country’s box office.

Don Gato y Su Pandilla grossed almost $3.2 million in Mexico. Distributed by Warner Bros., it was shown in 2D and 3D on over 1,000 screens.

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