Simpsons Honors Disney Short

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The Simpsons is a massively creative show, with years of great parody under it’s belt. Many of their fans wait excitedly each week for the show open, or “Couch Gag”- which varies many scenes for many little surprises. On occasion, the whole open is redone for a massive surprise. Such is the case this week when The Simpsons crew completely rework the open in an homage to Disney classic cartoons, Silly Symphonies cartoon series and Music Land specifically.

This couch gag- titled Music Ville– has an opening title that credits it to the “Silly Simpony” series, and the titles are obviously taken from the Disney originals. The music is reminiscent of the normal Simpsons opening theme, but obviously reworked for this new gag. The Simpsons cast appears here as various musical instruments, and as classical fans or Jazz fans. Lisa is really the star of this piece, which makes sense; she really is the musical center of the family.

Music Land is a 1935 Silly Symphonies short that tells the story of a princess cello from the sleepy Isle of Symphony is chased by a more lively saxophone from the Isle of Jazz. Soon, the queen discovers them and locks the sax in the metronome, and war erupts. The prince and princess are nearly drowned in the Sea of Discord until a ceasefire is called. The short ends in a double wedding and the uniting of the two kingdoms with the Bridge of Harmony.

The Simpsons is televisions longest running animated show, with over 500 episodes produced.

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