Power Puff Version 2

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Almost two years ago, Cartoon Network announced a reboot of the popular 1998-2005 Craig McCracken series The Powerpuff Girls at the 2014 Licensing Expo in Las Vegas. The new series is a little closer to it’s June debut on Cartoon Network, and now we have a fully animated teaser video of the first episode to judge it by.

No change here in the basic plot- the new show still features the three colorful, sugar-coated heroines out to save the world before bedtime. But the reboot pulls in new voice actors, with Amanda Leighton replacing Catherine Cavadini for Blossom, Kristen Li doing Bubbles in place of Tara Charendoff, and and Buttercup voicing by Natalie Palamides instead of E.G. Daily.

The series reboot is set to being airing on Cartoon Network in June. the first episode will be called “I Am Not A Princess.”

Here is a first look at the new show.


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