Paperman Producer Kristina Reed Flies Out Of Oscars

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Kristina Reed

Kristina Reed, the producer of the Academy Award Winning animated short Paperman was escorted from her seat at the awards show shortly after her film won the coveted statuette. It seems that in her exuberant mood to celebrate the win, Ms. Reed took to making paper airplanes, applying a lip-stick kiss, and sending the planes into the audience around her.

For those not so familiar with the short Paperman, paper airplanes are an integral part of the plot… and bright red lipstick also is an important visual. No doubt, Ms. Reed’s reaction was only over-exuberant fun on her part.

From her seat in the balcony, some of the planes reportedly fell to the main floor. Security escorted the producer from her seat and outside the Dolby Theater. There she was warned that her paper airplane making fracas would go down on her permanent record.

After approximately 10 minutes, Ms. Reed was allowed back to her seat.

If you haven’t seen the Oscar winning short, please watch in here. And then let us know what you think- are paper airplanes dangerous, or was Ms. Reed justified in her celebration?


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