Five Often Overlooked Holiday Animated Films

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For some folks, Black Friday is the day to putter around shopping malls and outlets to take advantage of door-buster deals. However, there’s nothing to say day can be well spent in serenity and joy with your entire family. If you want to spend this beautiful Black Friday away from shopping and malls, here are some tips. Celebrate this Black Friday with your entire family and watch some Christmas themed movies right at home. Here are some five titles of Christmas themed movies that you might have ignored.

Pinocchio’s Christmas

This animation movie of 1980 is an all-time family entertainer. While it doesn’t necessarily pack that panache and magic Disney’s Pinocchio does, it’s still thoroughly enjoyable. The movie boasts a sweet plot where the main character Pinocchio tries to sell a book to buy something nice for his friend Geppetto. However, a cunning cat and fox trick him out of it. In order to earn some money, he then joins the Marionette show. After the play ends, he steals a girl puppet. For this, the gendarmes chase him to the forest. In this enchanted forest, he meets a fairy named Azora. After hearing the whole story, she fixes the problem and helps Pinocchio to get back on the track. Unfortunately, Pinocchio is sold to a Duke. At this point, only one person can rescue him and send him back to home. This is when Santa Claus enters the movie and his reindeer gets Pinocchio home right on the time for Christmas.

Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas

Notable as one of the first featurette length productions by the Jim Henson Company, this special tells the story of a poor, Appalachian otter family who risk everything for the chance to win the cash prize for the Christmas talent show. Thus, they take part in a competition based on a talent contest for Christmas. To win the cash prize of just $50, the otter family struggles. This is all because the mother otter wants to gift Emmet a guitar for the Christmas. Although they don’t win the prize, the beautiful surprise waiting for them actually makes them feel special and loved. Also notable for a score provided by the legendary Paul Williams. Those still looking for their Muppets fix can often find their other Christmas and Thanksgiving specials (including the classic A Muppet Family Christmas) on television and on demand through your television provider during this season.

Christmas at Pee Wee’s Playhouse

It’s Christmas time for everyone’s favorite man-child! Pee-wee’s Playhouse. Just like others, he has a dream of getting the gifts of his choice from Santa, so he makes a list of 1.5 miles long. Throughout this TV special movie, a number of notable characters appear and interact with Pee Wee. The film includes a slew of big name cameos from the likes of Little Richard, Cher, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Whoopi Goldberg, Magic Johnson, Joan Rivers, Charo, Grace Jones, and Frankie Avalon to name only a few! In the end, Pee Wee uses his extra wish to make each one in the world happy and joyful on the eve of Christmas. This movie is a fun one, ideal for each one in your family. Also look out for some great vintage animation.

Rocko’s Modern Christmas: A Modern Classic

The series titular Wallaby Rocko invites all elves for a big and joyous Christmas party. However, Ed Bighead, the grumpy toad who lives next store to Rocko, takes it upon himself to sabotage Rocko’s party by spreading nasty rumors about the elves carrying a highly infectious foot fungi.

Even adults will enjoy this occasionally crude (but nevertheless heart-warming) Christmas special.

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

The title sort of speaks for itself. Nobody is on Mars to give gifts to all the Martian children. And so, the martians abduct Santa. Is it a masterfully constructed film? Hardly. In fact, the film was even featured on a memorable episode of MST3K. Kids and adults alike will surely delight in watching this odd but endearing holiday sci-fi classic from 1964.

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