Nickelodeon Airs Cartoon With Topless Womans Boobs

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Nickelodeon’s March 5th airing from the show Oggy And The Cockroaches showed a bit more than is normal for a children’s animated series. For about a second of the show, on the left of the frame, an image of a framed, well-endowed topless woman is plainly visible in a scene. The series by Xilam Animation is French in origin, where it is called, Oggy Et Les Cafards. In France, bare breasted women do not cause much notice, but after it’s US airing on Nickelodeon, the scene has caused fury among some parents.

Oggy, the star of the animated show, is an overweight blue cat not too dissimilar from Garfield; he spends his days eating and binge-watching TV. The bane of his existence are three cockroaches named Joey, Marky and Dee Dee (named after the Ramones) who do their best to disrupt and destroy Oggy’s sedentary lifestyle.

According to website TMZ, a father said his child spotted the breasts on the show and was ‘extremely unhappy’ about the slip – particularly has he was forced to have an uncomfortable chat about anatomy with his 8-year-old son.

The same father seemed unaffected that the same show that included the Boobs on the Wall involved the cockroaches poisoning each other and lighting each other on fire.

The March 5th episode in question was titled (Un)happy Camper!. In response to the complains of some parents, Nickelodeon has pulled the show from the airing rotation on NickToons, as well as from their website but has not publicly commented on the show. Nickelodeon has aired the show in the U.S. since Feb. 23. The show previously ran on Fox Kids and Fox Family in the U.S.

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