New Maleficent Poster Series

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As we count down to the release date of Disney’s new take on Maleficent, the PR machine is hitting high gear. A whole new series of posters starts the celebration off… four new teaser posters featuring the main characters from the film. Walt Disney Pictures promises to unveil new, exclusive movie content every day this week to further drive the anticipation for the film.

In 18 days, we will be seeing the new film, directed by Robert Stromberg and written by Linda Woolverton of Beauty and the Beast fame. The film is produced by Don Hahn, a fellow Beauty And The Beast alumni. Angelina Jolie takes on the titular villain from Sleeping Beauty with Elle Fanning playing Princess Aurora. New to the tale is Diaval, played by Sam Riley, a human version of the black raven Diablo from the original animated film.

With this film coming out this year…. and Tim Burton and Disney going Alice In Wonderland in 2010, you won’t at all be surprised that Disney is doing Cinderella in 2015…

For a look at the slew of new posters, as well as a series of teaser videos, pop over to the Maleficent page on the BCDB!

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