Inside Out Flips Box Office Upside Down

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The Pixar hit machine is tearing up the box office. After suffering some criticism for not releasing anything in 2014, it now looks like that might have been worth the wait- at least audiences seem to be of that opinion. In it’s opening weekend, Inside Out brought in an estimated 91.1 million dollars, giving it the record for both an original animated and live-action movie gross for an opening weekend.

Strangely, while it took both those top-gross achievements, it was still number 2 at the box office, just 11 million behind Jurassic World (which is considered a sequel). Inside Out beat out Pixar’s own The Incredibles (2004) for the animation record, and Avatar (2009) for the live-action crown.

For Pixar opening weekends, Inside Out was behind only Toy Story 3, which opened with 110 million in 2010.


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