Ice Age sequel Was Fox’s Top Foreign Cartoon Hit For ’12

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Ice Age: Continental Drift

20th Century Fox’s computer-animated “Ice Age: Continental Drift” was the studio’s top foreign box-office hit of 2012, garnering a ginormous $718.1 million.

That’s far above the second- and third-place finishers for Fox, the live-action Titanic 3D ($291.9 million) and Prometheus ($277.6 million).

The studio’s foreign box office jumped 21%, with a total $2.725 billion this year compared with $2.160 billion in 2011.

Disney’s motion-capture John Carter had a sad performance mirroring its North American results. It made just $208.2 million overseas, although Marvel’s live-action The Avengers helped make up for this by making a fantastic $892.4 million abroad.

Disney made $2.080 billion at the foreign box office, down 6% from 2011.

Distributor Paramount’s top-earning film overseas this year was DreamWorks’ Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted. The threequel brought in $525.5 million.

Paramount’s overseas grosses dropped 51% over last year, making $1.562 billion this time around. Last year, it made $3.198 billion, a foreign record for the company.

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