Good Dino Shows Off

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“A single moment can change history” says Pixar’s first official trailer for The Good Dinosaur, their rather troubled film to be released this November. And a single kindness can change everything. In what looks like a boy and his dog film with roles reversed, we see the asteroid barely miss the earth, and Arlo befriend a feral human he names Spot.

The trailer overflows with beautiful scenery, much of which looks more real than computer generated. The animals are still very obviously cartoony in their verdant world.

In late October, Pixar announced- via Twitter- that  Pete Sohn has been promoted to the director’s chair. Previous, Sohn had manned the co-directors position under Bob Peterson, before he was removed from the project in 2013.

The Good Dinosaur was first announced by Disney and Pixar chief creative officer John Lasseter during the 2011 D23 fall expo for Disney fans in Anaheim, California. Initially set for a Christmas 2013 release; because of problems on this film, that release slot was filled by Disney’s Frozen. This resulted in no Pixar films rreleased this year.

During it’s long hiatus, the story was completely reworked, and Sohn played a close role in that redevelopment process. A brain trust of  John Lasseter, Lee Unkrich, and Mark Andrews worked closely with Pete Sohn, restructuring and rewriting the film.

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