Game-Inspired Ratchet a Clunker

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The video-game inspired animated film Ratchet & Clank opened this weekend, but could not overpower the 1-2 punch of Disney animation. Despite opening on nearly 2900 screens, the Rainmaker Entertainment and Blockade Entertainment production could not overcome the almost universal panning by critics, and the film only took in 4.8 million, and coming in at 7th in the box office.

Disney’s The Jungle Book (Version Two) was king of the box office jungle for the third week in a row, taking in 42 million to take the total for the film to 252 million in domestic and 684 million overall. And even Zootopia– in it’s ninth week of release- was able to out-draw Ratchet & Clank, bringing in almost $500 more per theater (but in 400 less theaters). This put Zootopia at sixth in the box office, just barely above the fresh release.

Ratchet & Clank is a 3D CGI adaption of a very popular Play Station video game, produced by Vancouver companies Rainmaker Entertainment and Blockade Entertainment. The film was originally supposed to release in 2015, but was pushed back to this weekend. The film is directed by Kevin Munroe and co-directed by Jericca Cleland.

The movie has a few big names attached to it. With James Arnold Taylor as Ratcher and David Kaye as Clank, thew cast also features Paul Giamatti as Chairman Drek, John Goodman voices Grimroth, Sylvester Stallone does Victor Von Ion, and Armin Shimerman as Doctor Nefarious.

The film was budgeted at 20 million for production. If it remains on track, it should make that amount back in the US box office.

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