DreamWorks Partners With YouTube

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DreamWorks cartoon arm DreamWorks Animation has partnered with web video sharing site YouTube for a new daily show for the Internet. Titled YouTube Nation, the show is expected to run five minutes per day, and will highlights of the best of YouTube programming. YouTube Nation will be co-produced by the two companies, with YouTube financing the venture, and is expected to debut next week.

DreamWorks Animation will hire a team of about ten to help curate shows and identify interesting programming. YouTube will be heavily involved in the program, selecting newly-uploaded and popular uploaded videos, which is owned by Google. The video-sharing website is heavily reliant on user-submitted content, and has not yet been a producer any content of its own.

The show is said to be produced in a hyper newsmagazine-style format akin to what “TMZ” looks like on TV.

DreamWorks Animation president Jeffrey Katzenberg has long been an advocate of driving his company to more Internet-related delivery. DreamWorks Animation recently partnered with Internet streaming company Netflix  for the first ever streamed animated series, Turbo: F.A.S.T. DreamWorks Animation will ultimately be providing over 300 hour of content for Netflix.

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