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#6: Saludos Amigos

The Anthology Era

# 6: BCDB List of Disney Animated Films

Saludos Amigos is the second of six anthology films, but the first on “the List.” The film was inspired by a trip of some Disney artists to South America, and was the first of two features that Walt Disney made at the behest of the Office of Inter-American Affairs.

This feature consists of four cartoons linked by live-action travel footage. The animated sequences are:

  • Lake Titicaca (featuring Donald Duck, Llama, and the Boy with Flute)
  • Pedro (featuring Pedro, Papa Plane, Mama Plane, Signal Tower, and the Condor)
  • El Gaucho Goofy (featuring Goofy, Horse, and the Ostrich)
  • Aquarela do Brasil (featuring Donald Duck and the newly introduced Jose Carioca)


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