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55: Zootopia

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55 Zootopia: BCDB List of Disney Animated Films

Announced at D23 Expo in August, 2013, Zootopia will hit theaters in 2016. After taking 2015 off, Disney is turning 2016 into the year of turning Tangled. The co-directors of the 2010 Disney feature film are splitting up to solo-direct the two films in 2016.

According to director Byron Howard, Zootopia will be different from other animal anthropomorphic films, where animals either live in the natural world or in the human world. The concept, where animals live in a modern world designed by animals, was well received by John Lasseter, who lifted Howard “in the air like a baby Simba,” when he proposed the idea for the film.

Zootopia is an animal world where humans have never existed. A fast-talking fox is on the run from a crime he didn’t commit. Zootopia’s cop, a pompous rabbit, is out to get him. Until, that is, the two become targets of a conspiracy, which then leads to a long-lasting friendship.

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