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52: Wreck-It Ralph

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52 Wreck-It Ralph: BCDB List of Disney Animated Films

Originally scheduled for release on March 12, 2013, Wreck-It Ralph was moved to November 2, 2012 – the original release date for Pixar-Disney’s “Monsters University.” The movie proved to be a strong original story by Phil Johnston and Jennifer Lee, and featured no musical numbers for the cast. In what may be viewed as a “tick-tock” approach to films, this would be viewed as the strong, more masculine, adventure fantasy, while the previous and next films were more feminine, softer, musical and fairy-tale oriented.

The project has had a long gestation period at Disney, staring in the 1980’s as High Score. In various incarnations, it has been re-conceived as Joe Jump in the 1990’s, then in the mid-2000s as Reboot Ralph.

Cameo Games

In an endearing movie-long sight-gag reminiscent of what has been done in Who Framed Roger Rabbit and the Pixar Toy Story films, Wreck-It Ralph featured cameo appearances by a variety of colleagues, in this case, licensed video-game characters. During production, the crew put in characters where they felt they were appropriate, then the producers worried about licensing those characters. According to the director, all character inclusions were done to further the story.In one specific instance, the writers had early on envisioned the Bad-anon meeting with Bowser as a major character within the scene. Again, the director says that Nintendo was very positive towards the use of their characters.

Because of that scene, Nintendo wanted the movie include a scene that would showcase Mario. Despite the full approval to use the character, there was no appropriate place to put Mario that would not taking away the spotlight from the main story. Moore explained that was the real reason the two are not in the film, and he debunks any notion that Mario and his brother character Luigi were not included due to Nintendo requesting too high a licensing fee. In the final film, about 188 individual video game characters made cameo guest shots.

Wreck-It Ralph Box Office

The film ended up running about 165 million to make. The film was very positive at the box office, generating over 470 million in tickets in its first run.

The theatrical release will be accompanied with the Disney short Paperman.

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