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3: Fantasia

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3 Fantasia: BCDB List of Disney Animated Films

Disney released a second animated feature in the winter of 1940, the celebrated concert-film Fantasia. A pet project of Walt Disney, the film is nothing less than a full symphony concert, illustrated by Disney animation, with Leopold Stokowski conducting the Philadelphia Orchestra. The eight sequences are: “Toccata and Fugue in D Minor” (J. S. Bach), “The Nutcracker Suite” (Tchaikovsky), “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” (Dukas), “The Rite of Spring” (Stravinsky), “The Sixth Symphony (The Pastoral)” (Beethoven), “Dance of the Hours” (Ponchielli) and “Night on Bald Mountain/Ave Maria” (Mussorgsky/Schubert).

Fantasia Sources

The first feature to be released with a stereophonic soundtrack. This show had a limited-release premier run in 7 channel “Fantasound”. In the original roadshow release, the film had an intermission and extra intro snippits.

The name of the Wizard character in “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” sequence “Yen Sid” is “Disney” in reverse.

In 1990, Fantasia was one of 25 films added by the Library of Congress’ National Film Preservation Board to the National Film Registry.

The name of the character “Yen Sid” is “Disney” in reverse.

Working title: “The Concert Feature.”

In 1990, Fantasia was one of 25 films added by the Library of Congress’ National Film Preservation Board to the National Film Registry.

Fantasica Crew


  • Feature Length Theatrical Animated Film
  • Cartoon Characters: Mickey Mouse, Hop Low, Mushroom Dancers, Dewdrop Fairies, Autumn Fairies, Yen Sid, Mlle. Upanova, Hyacinth Hippo, Elephanchine, Ben Ali Gator, Chernabog.
  • Vocal Talent: Deems Taylor (Master of Ceremonies), Leopold Stokowski (Conductor, The Philadelphia Orchestra), Walt Disney (Mickey Mouse), Julietta Novis (Soloist “Ave Maria”), James Macdonald (Percussionist, uncredited), Paul J. Smith (Violinist, uncredited), Hugh Douglas (Narrator, 1982 re-release), Tim Matheson (Narrator, 1982 re-release).
  • Directed By Ben Sharpsteen.
    Sequence Director: Sam Armstrong (as Samuel Armstrong) (Toccata and Fugue in D minor and Nutcracker Suite).
    Sequence Director: James Algar (The Sorcerers Apprentice).
    Sequence Director: Bill Roberts, Paul Satterfield (The Rite of Spring).
    Sequence Director: Hamilton Luske (as Hamilton S. Luske), Jim Handley, Ford Beebe (Pastoral Symphony).
    Sequence Director: T. Hee, Norm Ferguson (Dance of the Hours).
    Sequence Director: Wilfred Jackson (A Night on Bald Mountain).
  • Produced By Walt Disney.
    Production Supervisor: Ben Sharpsteen (uncredited).
  • Animated By Ed Aardal, Daniel MacManus, Joshua Meador, Art Palmer, George Rowley, Cornett Wood, Cy Young (Toccata and Fugue in D minor).
    Animators, The Nutcracker Suite Sequence: Art Babbitt, Les Clark, Don Lusk, Robert Stokes, Cy Young.
    Animators, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Sequence: Preston Blair, Les Clark, Ugo D’Orsi, Edward Love, George Rowley, Cornett Wood, Marvin Woodward.
    Animators, The Rite of Spring Sequence: Ed Aardal, Paul Busch, Philip Duncan, Paul B. Kossoff, John McManus, Art Palmer.
    Animators, Pastoral Symphony Sequence: Jack Bradbury, Jack Campbell, John Elliotte, Harry Hamsel, Bill Justice, Lynn Karp, Walt Kelly, Don Lusk, James Moore, Milt Neil, Bernard Wolf, Robert W. Youngquist.
    Animators, Dance of the Hours Sequence: Preston Blair, Art Elliott, Hugh Fraser, Franklin Grundeen, Hicks Lokey, John Lounsbery, Ray Patterson, Grant Simmons, Howard Swift.
    Animators, A Night on Bald Mountain/Ave Maria Sequence: Bob Carlson, John McManus, Lester Novros, Don Patterson, William Shull.
    Supervising Animators, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Sequence: Fred Moore, Bill Tytla.
    Supervising Animators, The Rite of Spring Sequence: Joshua Meador, Wolfgang Reitherman.
    Supervising Animators, Pastoral Symphony Sequence: Art Babbitt, Ollie Johnston (as Oliver M. Johnston Jr), Ward Kimball, Eric Larson, Fred Moore, Don Towsley.
    Supervising Animator, Dance of the Hours Sequence: Norm Ferguson (as Norman Ferguson).
    Supervising Animators, A Night on Bald Mountain/Ave Maria Sequence: Bill Tytla.
    Special Effects Animation, A Night on Bald Mountain/Ave Maria: Daniel MacManus, Joshua Meador, Miles E. Pike, John F. Reed.
  • Written By Joe Grant, Dick Huemer (Orchestral Sequence).
    Writer, Toccata in D Minor Sequence: Lee Blair, Elmer Plummer, Phil Dike.
    Writer, The Nutcracker Suite Sequence: Sylvia Moberly-Holland, Norman Wright, Albert Heath, Bianca Majolie, Graham Heid.
    Writer, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Sequence: Perce Pearce, Carl Fallberg.
    Writer, Rite of Spring Sequence: William Martin, Leo Thiele, Robert Sterner, John McLeish.
    Writer, Pastoral Symphony Sequence: Otto Englander, Webb Smith, Erdman Penner, Joseph Sabo, Bill Peet, Vernon Stallings.
    Writer, Bald Mountain/Ave Maria Sequence: Campbell Grant, Arthur Heinemann, Phil Dike.
  • Edited By Stephen Csillag.
    Film Editor, 1990 Restoration: John Carnochan.


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