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18: The Sword In The Stone

Dis­ney Silver Era

18 The Sword In The Stone: BCDB List of Disney Animated Films

Based on T. H. White 1938 novel of the same name, The Sword in the Stone is number eighteen on the List. This was also the last animated film released before Walt Disney’s death.

Of interest in this film is just small bits of trivia; the film as a whole is not very exciting or endearing at all.

The main character- Wart (Arthur)- is voiced by three different child actors. No, they do not sound the same, or even very similar. It is pretty obvious when someone new comes in as a new voice. All the boys have a rather distinct New York accent, in opposition the the English accents of the rest of the cast. I would question why, but wasn’t this the same year that Dick Sargent replaced Dick York as Samatha’s husband and no one batted an eye?

The films rather flaccid, spineless and vacuous villain is Mad Madam Mim, voiced by Martha Wentworth. Martha also voiced the maid in One Hundred And One Dalmatians, and was the Mother Owl in the Warner Bros. classic short, I Love To Singa.

For as lackluster as this film seems, it actually did rather well in the 1963 box office. The film grossed a bit over twenty-two million, making it the sixth highest grossing film of 1963…. and this despite being released on Christmas day!

The Sword In The Stone

  • Traditional Animation
  • Walt Disney Studios
  • Distributed by: Buena Vista Pictures Distribution
  • Cartoon Characters: Arthur (Wart), Merlin, Madame Mim, Sir Ector, Sir Kay, Archimedes, Sir Pelenore, Black Bart, Scullery Maid.
  • Voice Actors: Sebastian Cabot, Karl Swenson, Rickie Sorenson, Richard Reitherman, Robert Reitherman, Norman Alder, Alan Napier, Barbara Jo Allen, Martha Wentworth; Full Voice Cast Full Voice Cast...
  • Directed By Wolfgang Reitherman.
  • Produced By Walt Disney, Ken Peterson.
  • Animated By Hal King, Eric Cleworth, Cliff Nordberg, Eric Larson, John Sibley, Hal Ambro, Dick N. Lucas, Frank Thomas, Milt Kahl, Ollie Johnston, John Lounsbery, Dan MacManus, Jack Boyd, Jack Buckley; more Animators More Cartoon Animators...
  • Written By Bill Peet, T. H. White.
  • Awards: Oscar Statuette  Academy Award Nominee, Best Music, Scoring of Music, Adaptation or Treatment (George Bruns), 1963.
  • Music: George Bruns, Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman, Franklyn Marks, Evelyn Kennedy; more Musicians More Musicians...
  • Editor: Donald Halliday.
  • Originally Released on December 25, 1963.
  • Originally Released Theatrically.
  • Running Time: 80 minutes.
  • TechniColor


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