Disney To Animate Guardians

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Even before the much anticipated film hits theaters, Disney has announced a new animated series to be based on “Guardians of the Galaxy“. Guardians of the Galaxy: The Animated Series– as well as a sequel to the theatrical film- were both announced San Diego’s Comic Con. Marvel Animation and Disney XD even went to far as to preview a one-minute teaser of the new animated series at the Comic-Con.

Even though the film has yet to be seen, the buzz for the film is on the rise. Disney is definitely going to try and capitalize on the positive buzz around “Guardians.” If the film really does take off, creative director Eric Radomski says that the “Guardians” would be making appearances in all of the other Marvel cartoons to keep them on the kids’ minds.

The characters are not new to animation on the small tube. They all have previously appeared in Avengers Assemble from . Having the characters pop up on other shows will keep the characters active, if the film is a hit.

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