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We would be happy to consider you for a guest author on our site. We have very few requirements, but we do have high standards for our posts. First and foremost, we require excellent spelling and grammar; we are not your English teacher and have no time to re-write your posts. They either come to us polished and ready to post, or we cannot use them.

Obviously, all submissions must be 100% original. You may quote the work of others, but the post itself must be your work.

We accept a wide range of topics, as long as they are animation related. Be award that this is not an opportunity for businesses to get quick links; the only outbound links we allow are referencing films listed in the Big Cartoon DataBase (

We accept informational, opinionated, or review-oriented posts. We prefer topics that are topical and current, but historic posts that shed new light on the topic are fine. If you wish to be a regular contributor, we expect you to create a niche for yourself within our community.

Outside of these few rules and guidelines, you are wide open for your submissions.

Please send your submissions or questions regarding them here:

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