Big Russian Hero Six

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Disney Studio’s next animated feature film Big Hero 6 opened a little early in Russia… and bowled the Russians over. After opening to rave reviews at the Tokyo International Film Festival on October 23, 2014, Disney shuttled the film to Russia to take advantage of two weeks of school holidays in Russia in late October. Big Hero 6 brought in 5 million in the first two days, which is considered a very strong open in the Russia. The film opens to US audiences later this week, on November 7th.

The film is a direct product of the merger of Disney buying Marvel Entertainment in 2009. While co-directing Winnie the Pooh, director Don Hall ran across Big Hero 6, an obscure comic he had never heard of. He showed the comic to John Lasseter in 2011, as a possible story, and it “struck a chord” with Lasseter, who put Hall and Chris Williams onto the project.

The film will center on a boy named Hiro Hamada and his beloved robot companion BayMax who join a team of crime fighters in a mythical mash-up high-tech city called San Fransokyo.

This was the 54th film in the official Disney list of animated films. The film will be accompanied theatrically with the Disney short The Feast.

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