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We at BCDB are lucky to have a great number of contributors to our pages. Here are some of our authors, and a little bit about them.

elizabeth eckhart Elizabeth Eckhart

Elizabeth Eckhart is a graduate writing student who blogs about entertainment, literature, and anything else that piques her interest (and is accessible online) during her free time. She was born and raised in Chicago, and has absolutely no idea what the Bears, Cubs, or and other sports teams are up to. She does, however, know where to locate poetry slams and free salsa lessons in the city. Elizabeth would love to know what you think of her prose- send her a note here.



Ethan Minovitz Ethan Minovitz

A longtime contributor top BCDB, Ethan has become our resident research expert. Turned loose inside a database, there is nothing Ethan cannot find. Resident of the Great Northwest, Ethan is fiercely proud of his native Canada. Ethan is a professional researcher in his real life in Vancouver, BC. Ethan would love to hear from you- send a note here.



Brent Pearce Brent Pearce

Brent joined BCDB because of his blog posts. Dave noticed this New Zealander’s posts, and recruited him to also write for BCDB. Now Brent is our in-house movie reviewer, too. Want to say Hi? Send Brent a note here.



Cassie Costner Cassie Costner

A full-time writer and a part-time comedienne, Cassie enjoys spending her weekends in the mountains around Salt Lake City, with her husband Kyle and various rescue dogs. One day she hopes to build her own website…. Cassie reads her e-mails, and sometimes even responds- send her a note here.



Tammi Toon Tammi Toon

TT has been with the BCDB for a long time, and is the resident Hanna-Barbera expert. Tammi loves the old show, and keeps up with the news ones, too. You can reach her here.





Paul Anderson Paul Anderson

Paul is an old-timer here at BCDB- his contributions go back to before the site! Paul is widely regarded as a Disney historian, and is also on staff at the Disney Museum in San Francisco. Paul is also a contributing historian for D23, the Disney Club. Paul has published several books and magazine articles on Disney history, too. You are welcome to drop Paul a line here.



Mr. Cleveland Mr. Cleveland

Mr. Cleveland has been a cartoon fan since, well, infancy. He has been writing nearly that long. Opinionated, yes, but backed with a wealth of personal knowledge on the subject. You can give Mister C a piece of your mind here.




Dave Koch Dave Koch

Editor and publisher of the Big Cartoon DataBase, Dave has been involved in cartoons since opening the Cartoon Factory animation art gallery in 1993. You may contact Dave here.