Angry Birds Bigger Than Disney?

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Angry Birds

Mikael Hed, chief executive of Finnish gaming company Rovio, says the company is going ahead with a 2016 feature film based on his company’s famous avians, the Angry Birds. But Hed is not happy just making a feature film, he plans on taking the giant of children’s animation, Disney.

The Rovio chief executive told AFP that the animated 3D film- which will not be released until the summer of 2016- could lead to the company setting up an animated movie studio that would compete with California-based Walt Disney Animation Studios.

“If this goes very well, that is what is going to happen. Certainly we are structuring this in a way so that it’s possible for us to continue to produce more movies after this one,” he said.

Rovio seems to be starting out right… they have brought in John Cohen, producer of computer-animated comedy “Despicable Me” to produce it, and David Maisel, former chairman of Marvel Studios, as an executive producer.

And animated films are not the only front Rovio is taking on the animation giant. The company already has two theme parks, on in Finland and one in Great Britain. They are building a third Angry Birds Land in Asia next year at a site near Shanghai.

Rovio has also partnered with children’s cable network Nickelodeon for a series of Angry Birds specials, including Angry Birds – Wreck The Halls and  Angry Birds Space.

Is that enough to take on Disney? Only time will tell… but it does seem that Rovio is aiming high for a one-trick pony.


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