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WALL·E Trivia, Hidden Surprises and Easter Eggs

Have you seen all the secret things Pixar put in WALL·E? There are so many WALL·E Easter Eggs, you will be amazed. Even the title has a hidden meaning! Pixar takes a giant leap into the future with WALL·E.

WALL·E is also interesting in that it is Pixar’s first real love story as a film.

A-113 in WALL·E

Despite the time-jump, A-113 is still with the human race. Here are three instances of the magic number in the film, one with live-action footage of Fred Willard as the President of BnL, Shelby Forthright. Another is Auto’s override directive.

A-113 in WALL·E A-113 in WALL·EA-113 in WALL·E

Pizza Truck Cameo in WALL·E

And believe it or not, the original Pizza Planet truck is still with us… a bit worse for wear, but still there.
Pizza Truck Cameo in WALL·E

WALL·E Easter Eggs

Director Andrew Stanton confirmed in an interview with SlashFilm that even the title is a hidden joke that involves A-113. WALL·E’s name, when spelled out in Leet (sort of a pidgin Internet speak) is wA11-3.

When WALL-E charges, the sound effect for the Macintosh computer boot-up sound is heard.

Strauss’ Also Sprach Zarathustra plays when the Captain finally gets up on his own two feet. His The Blue Danube waltz is played when the Captain is checking the settings of the Axiom. Both of these pieces featured prominently in the classic sci-fi film 2001: A Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick.

Other Pixar Films in WALL·E

When Wall-E makes his sculpture of Eve, he uses a Luxo light for her arm.

Luxo Light in WALL·E

Carl Fredricksen’s walking stick is previewed before the release of Up in the background (to the right) in this shot. Note the tennis balls he puts on the legs sticking up in the air.

carls walker in wall-e

Rex from the Toy Story series is hiding behind the bowling pins…

Toy Story in WALL·E

And a can of Leakless Oil left over from Cars….

Cars in WALL·E

John Ratzenberger

John Ratzenberger plays John in Wall-E, a passenger on the Axiom. John meets Mary, and the two eventually save a lot of the babies on board.

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