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Toy Story Hidden Trivia And Easter Eggs

For Pixar, it all started with Toy Story. No one was quite sure how it would be taken, but it became their breakthrough film. The first animated film nominated for an Academy Award for best original screenplay, and ended up making $195 million in domestic box office receipts on it’s first release.

Being the first, Pixar was obviously more concerned about making a great film than sneaking in a lot of trivia and Easter eggs. And with no track record of films, they did not have the body of works to pull from. Lassiters’ sense of humor shows through anyway, and there are still a few inside jokes to be found.

A-113 in Pixar’s Toy Story

We’ll start with Pixar’s first film Toy Story. Here we have our first shot of Mom’s license plate. You guessed it- A 113!


The Pizza Truck Premiere in Toy Story

Toy Story was also the Pizza Planet pizza truck’s first appearance. This being Pixar’s first feature film, this should come as no surprise…pizza_truck


Trivia and Inside Jokes in Toy Story

The books on Andy’s bookshelf are titled after many of the previous Pixar shorts like Tin Toy, Knick Knack and Red’s Dream. Note that the Tin Toybook  is written by “Lassiter”.

Toy Story books

The desk lamp (in red) and the ball Buzz bounces off of when he “flies” are both from the first Pixar short, Luxo Jr.

luxo lamp

luxo ball

The tool box that Sid uses to weigh down the egg crate over Woody has a “Binford” logo on it. This is a reference to Binford Tools, the sponsor of Tim Allen’s TV show “Tool Time” on his show “Home Improvement.”

binford toolbox

A Hidden Mickey in Toy Story?

Yes!!!!!! There is a Mickey Mouse watch on Andy’s wall.

toy story hidden mickey

John Ratzenberger

This being Pixar’s first film, John Ratzenberger did not have the history of bit parts in every film… yet. This was the first, and this was the character he has now done three times…. Hamm the piggy bank.

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