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Toy Story 3 Trivia and Easter Eggs

Back for a third trip around the block, Woody, Buzz and the rest return in Toy Story 3 for the summer 2010  season. And back with a vengeance-

Toy Story 3 A-113’s

Andy’s mom returns with our A-133 on her license, but it looks like she bought a new car.


The Pizza Truck Returns

The pizza truck returns, in the rain.


 Toy Story 3 Triva

The poster on the left is of an Aston Martin that will appear in Cars 2 as Finn McMissile. The pennant on the right is for Pixar U.


We get a look at the batteries used to power Buzz Lightyear in this film. Wouldn’t you know it, they are built by BnL Corporation, the same company that takes over the world in Pixar’s WALL·E.

Toy Story BnL batteries

We have a preview of a new movie…. that did not quite make it. There is a yellow warning sign sticker on the left side of the room that reads, “Newt Xing.” This is a reference to the film newt which was in active development at the time, but ultimately never produced.


We also get to see Sid from the original Toy Story. So Sid grew up to be a garbage man… sort of fits, doesn’t it?

sid in toy story 3

Darla from the Dentists Office in Finding Nemo shows up on a magazine cover that Molly Davis reads.

toy story 3 darla

Mr. Ray from Finding Nemo also makes a cameo appearance in the Day Care center.

Ray in Toy Story 3

Finally from Nemo, the title character himself appears as a sticker on the toy box on the right side of the frame shown.

Nemo In Toy Story 3

Nemo Sticker In Toy Story 3

There is a postcard stuck to Andy’s bulletin board that is from Carl and Ellie from Up.

carl from up postcard

Carl and Ellie Postcard Toy Story 3

One of the girls in the preschool looks a lot like the girl whose window Carl’s house floats by in Up. (Also, note Lotso on the floor to the left, preshadowing his appearance in this film, as well as the Pixar ball on the floor to the right).

toy story 3 girlLotso and Luxo in Up

Finally is another cameo, not from a Disney or Pixar film, but from a film by one of John Lassiter’s heroes. The big, puffy stuffed toy at the rear on the left is Totoro from Hayao Miyazaki’s Tonari No Totoro.


John Ratzenberger

In this third Toy Story film, Ratzenberger returns for his third take on his most recognizable character Hamm. Usually his characters are small or even bit parts. Hamm is a big enough part he can be considered a supporting character.


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