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Monsters University Trivia, Easter Eggs and A-113

Monsters University Has More In It than just Mike and Sully… 2013 brought us the third sequel of Pixar characters with Monsters University. Mike and Sulley return, but in a prequel showing them at Scare School.

A-113 Appearance

Sulley gets the honor of showing off the A-113 in this film. Check out the door number for the Scaring 101 classroom.

A-113 Hidden Easter Egg in Monsters U

“113” also appears on the poster for the movie. Look at the time on the clock on the right side of the poster.

Poster with A-113 Hidden Easter Egg in Monsters U

Pizza Truck Appearance

And the pizza truck shows up at a frat party- makes perfect sense!

Pizza Truck appears in Pixar's MONSTERS UNIVERSITY

Trivia and Easter Eggs in Monsters University

In other Easter Eggs from the film, we do get a look at the ball from  Luxo Jr. in graffiti on the wall behind Claire Wheeler and Brock Pearson during their introduction to the Scare Games’ first challenge.

Easter Eggs in Pixar's MONSTERS UNIVERSITY

And there are two scenes that flash-forward to bits from the original Monsters, Inc. As you will recall, Boo takes Mike’s most dearly held stuffed toy “Little Mikey”. He can be seen on a shelf in the background of the dorm room.

Monsters University Little Mikey

And in a visual joke going back (forward???) to Randall Boggs line, “Shh. Do you hear that? It’s the winds of change,” we see a Winds of Change poster in the dorm room.

Winds of Change Trivia in Monsters University

In the basement, there is a poster in the wall of a car that resembles the one Mike buys in Mikes New Car.

The floor of the Scare Simulator is littered with toys. One of them is a stuffed dinosaur, Arlo from The Good Dinosaur.

John Ratzenberger

Ever-present voice talent John Ratzenberger makes a short appearance in this prequel, too… as the same character he played in the original. Ratzenberger returns as the Yeti in Monsters University with the shortest dialogue yet- a single line.

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