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Monsters Inc Easter Eggs and Other Assorted Trivias

What didn’t you see in Pixars Monsters, Inc. Monsters Inc was pretty strong on the preview characters in the film, though no one knew it at the time.

The film was nominated for the first Best Animated Feature Oscar in 2001, but lost to Shrek. Pixar would bring home the gold man the following year.


This film is also short on A-113. There is supposed to be an A-13 painted on a pillar or wall inside the Door Vault near the end of the film, but we have yet to find it. Best we can come up with is the “13” on the trash compactor that crushes Boo….


Monsters Inc. Pizza Planet Truck Cameo

The pizza truck is also a little hard to spot, but once you see it, you can’t miss it. It is parked next to Randall’s trailer at the end of the film. Looks to be the same trailer as A Bug’s Life.

Monsters, Inc. Pizza Truck Cameo

Randall (in the trailer above) practices disappearing in front of a variety of wallpapers. One of them is just like Andy’s from Toy Story.


Fun Trivia

When the monster run out of the door whimpering, you can see a Paul Bunyan poster. This is the poster that was on Sid wall in his room in Toy Story.

sid poster

Now comes the attack of the (Clown) fish. First, the big Clownfish behind the sushi chef at Harryhausens…

Monsters, Inc. Previews Nemo

…then inside one of the doors behind Mike…

Nemo Cameo in Monsters, Inc.

…and finally a stuffed toy Boo gives to Sulley.

Nemo Easter Egg in Monsters, Inc.

The Luxo Ball in Monsters, Inc.

That final scene also included the Luxo ball… and Boo gives Sulley a Jessie doll.

The Luxo Ball in Monsters, Inc.

John Ratzenberger

John Ratzenberger plays a yeti banished to the Himalayas in this film. Simply called The Abominable Snowman, we would not suggest you have ice cream with him.

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