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Finding Nemo A-113 Easter Eggs

What parts have you missed when watching Pixar’s Finding Nemo? You might think a film that takes place completely underwater would be light on the Easter Eggs, specially if trucks are involved. You would be wrong. This is Pixar we are talking about, and they are nothing if not creative…. and I am sure they loved the challenge. They certainly rose to the challenge with  Finding Nemo.

This film was the first to win the Best Animated Feature Oscar at Pixar, though it was the second nominated.

Pixar had designed and engineered realistic-looking animated water, but found that it looked too real. They intentionally lessened the realism for the water to keep audiences  confusing their work for live-action camera footage of the ocean.

A-113 in Finding Nemo

A-113 appears as the model number of the camera the scuba diver who catches Nemo carries.


Finding Nemo Pizza Planet Truck Cameo

Blink and you miss it! The Pizza truck drives by the dentists office when the fish are planning their escape.

Finding Nemo Pizza Truck Cameo

Easter Egg Featuring The Incredibles and Cars

Mr. Incredible (from The Incredibles) makes a sneak preview appearance in the dentists office. The boy is reading a Mr. Incredible comic book.

Easter Egg Featuring The Incredibles

And in a REAL advance appearance, Luigi from 2006’s Cars makes a brief, blurred cameo. Maybe.

Easter Egg Featuring Cars

Darla points at a picture on the wall in the dentists office that is exactly like a drawing Boo made in Monsters Inc.

boo drawing nemo

And the birds and the title from 2001’s For The Birds also appear in the end of the film.

Easter Egg From Finding Nemo Easter Egg From Finding Nemo _forthebirds

The mermaid Sunny Atlantis from Knick Knack appears as the figurehead on the sunken boat in the aquarium in the dentists office.

finding nemo mermaid

Also in the dentists office, in the waiting room, is a diploma issued by the Pixar University School of Dentistry.

Check out some of the toys in the dentist office. Buzz is pretty obvious. See anyone else?

Easter Egg From Finding Nemo

And in our parting shot, Mike Wazowski snorkels by during the closing credits.

Mike nemo

John Ratzenberger

John Ratzenberger plays many characters in Finging Nemo- he is the whole school of fish.

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