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A-113 In Various TV Shows

Family Dog A-113

In 1987, Steven Spielberg produced an anthology series called Amazing Stories. In the second season, there was a singular animated episode: Family Dog. Guess who directed the episode… Yep- Brad Bird. There were two A-113’s in the episode. One is the liscence plate on the van.



The next is the police blotter number.


Bobby’s World A-113

Fox had a series in the early 1990’s called Bobby’s World.

The show featured the comedy of Howie Mandel. The first episode- The Visit To Aunt Ruth’s– featured this mug shot image of Bobby. Bobby’s booking number is A-113.


Rugrats A-113

In the fourth episode of Rugrats, titled Little Dude, Didi takes Tommy to her workplace- the local high school- for use as a visual aid. The Home Ec room is…. A-113.


A-113 Tiny Toon Adventures

A-113 pops up in the special How I Spent My Vacation episode of Tiny Toon Adventures.

It shows up on a license plate on one of the cars in the parking lot at Happy World Land.


South Park

South Park also had an A-113 show up in an episode. Heck, everything eventually turns up in South Park. From the episode Prehistoric Ice Man in the second season.



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