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What Pixar Snuck Into Cars 2

Pixar released their second sequel based on their original characters with 2011’s Cars 2. This is Pixar’s twelfth feature film.


We have a couple instances of the A-113 appearing. The first we have seen before: Mater’s license plate. The second is the tail number of the plane. The third A-113 is the Image catalog number, displayed on the lower left of the engine image.


Pizza Truck in Cars 2

The pizza truck appears as a spectator during the Radiator Springs Grand Prix. He is also shown on the TV just before The Mel Dorado Show airs.


Easter Eggs and Cameos in Cars 2

In “Ye Left Turn Inn” pub in London, the tapestry on the wall shows an advance peak at the main characters from the up coming film Brave.


The Radiator Springs Drive-In Theater is playing “The Incredimobiles”. The Incredibles are referenced again on a French poster at the entrance of the Marché Aux Pièces. The poster is headlined Les Indestructibles, which was the French title for the Pixar film.


And driving through Paris, we see a restaurant called Gastow’s, the phonetic spelling of Gasteau’s, the main setting for the movie Ratatouille.


And in Tokyo, we see a billboard advertising Harryhausen’s from Monsters, Inc.

Director John Lasseter is mentioned a few times in Cars 2. “John Lassetire” is in the pit crew for Jeff Gorvette, and is an obvious caricature of Lasseter. In London, we see a road called “Lasseter Way”. London also features a sign for “Lassetyre”.

During the credits, Lightning McQueen and Mater are shown to be driving through various locations around the world before finally returning to Radiator Springs. In the shots shots of San Francisco, Pixar Studios and the Luxo Lamp are shown.

John Ratzenberger

Reprising his role from the original Cars, Ratzenberger once again voices Mack, the semi truck that hauls Lightning McQueen around.

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