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30- Star Wars

We will end our little exploration of the A-113 in cinema with a supposed A-113 that is not. Many sites point to a droid in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace as a A-113. Take a look- what do you think?


OK, I will admit, there is a “113” in there. But it lacks an “A”… and it has those two dots at the end, which I read as a stylized “8”. Put all that together, and you have “1138” not “A-113”. And since George Lucas’ first film was “THX-1138“, and because “1138” is a common Easter Egg in Star Wars films, I am gonna poo-poo this as an “A-113”.

Finally, I do wish to mention some of the sites we used to help research this article. We referenced a lot of sites, but the best were these:

Jack Frosts posts at diasfora forum , A Spanish Site I did not understand but had great images, COMPUTER GRAPHICS AND OTHER AWESOMENESS which completely covered the Planet Pizza truck, Pixar Palace and Pixar Talk


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