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16- The Good Dinosaur Easter Eggs

This year was a two-fer for Pixar, with both Inside Out and, in November, The Good Dinosaur. Being a pre-historic set film, fitting in the Pizza Truck is obviously gonna be pretty hard…. but there are a lot of other big Easter eggs in the film.


Spotting the A-113 Easter Egg in The Good Dinosaur is not too hard, you just need to know where to look for it. Its in the fence…. look at the sticks on screen left..

Good Dinosaur a113-easter-egg_01

Good Dinosaur a113-easter-egg

Other Good Dinosaur Easter Eggs

During the hallucination of Arlo and Spot, as the pair run through dreamscape, one of the berries is really the Luxo Ball.

pixar ball Good Dinosaur


You may see Hank the Octopus (from Finding Dory) hiding underwater…



(look to the lower left, in the dark part)

John Ratzenberger

Finally, John Ratzenberger hits another cameo keeping his streak of an appearance in all the Pixar films with his appearance in The Good Dinosaur as Earl the velociraptor.

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