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Inside Out Easter Eggs Trivia, and A-113

It has been over a year since we had a Pixar animated film in release, and the word on Inside Out is that it was a year well spent. In addition to another film that stands up to the standards of great story and art that we expect from Pixar, Inside Out also features a plethora of hidden trivia and Easter eggs for the eagle eyed. And, of course, the ever-present A-113 is on display for all to see, too.

 Riley Anderson inside out Easter Eggs


When Inside Out‘s Riley Anderson heads to her new school in San Francisco, she is put in room A113.

A-113 appearance in Pixar's Inside Out

A second appearance happens when Riley walks toward the bus in San Francisco. When she receives a phone call from her mother, you can see a building in the background on the left with “A-113″ written in graffiti on it.

Pizza Truck

Pizza Truck appears in Pixar's Inside Out

Is the pizza truck back in Inside Out? You bet! The pizza truck has appeared as a cameo in every Pixar film with the possible exception of The Incredibles. According to director Pete Docter, the pizza truck appears three times in the film.

The truck appears in one of Riley’s memory orbs when Joy and Sadness first meet Bing Bong. It also appears in the background around Chinatown in San Fransisco.

 Riley Anderson inside out classroom A 113

Pixar Cameos

What about cameos in the film? Look for a few. Colette from Ratatouille makes a couple appearances. First, that sure looks like her- as a teen and with blue hair- in the classroom. Colette also appears on a magazine cover when Riley pretends the floor is lava in the living room of her Minnesota house.

Remy also shows up twice in Inside Out, once as Riley arrives at her new home (unfortunately, he is dead), and later in her nightmare. The music from Disney’s The Haunted Mansion attraction plays in the background.

Female Sid in Pixar's Inside Out

One of the other students in Riley’s class is a female take on Sid from Toy Story. And on the shoulder of the boy in camo- that just might be an Easter egg of Arlo, the dinosaur from Pixar’s next film, The Good Dinosaur. Speaking of Arlo, he also appears near the beginning of the film, when the family car backs into him.

There is also artwork reminiscent of the Pixar short La Luna in the classroom. Look above and behind Colette in the classroom picture above; you will see a boy reaching for the stars, just like the boy in the short.

And the birds (on a wire) from For The Birds appear in the opening credits as Riley and her parents are shown moving to San Francisco.

Finding Nemo Easter Egg in Inside Out

When Joy searches through the Imaginationland part of Riley’s mind, there is a stack of games in the game room. Look for the blue board game box that reads “Find Me” and has a picture of a clownfish on it. Look familiar? Below “Find Me” is another game, “Dinosaur World” with a dinosaur on it- another Arlo reference?
Muppet-eers Frank Oz and Dave Goelz in Pixar's Inside Out

Frank and Dave are the two officers guarding Riley’s subconscious. They are played by long-time  Muppet-eers Frank Oz and Dave Goelz.

Inside Out Easter Eggs

Toy Story reference in Pixar's Inside Out

The banners in the hockey rink in which Riley plays announce the team as champs in the “Tri-County” area. The Tri-County area is also the innocuous name given to the area that all the Toy Story films take place in.

Inside-Out Memory orb Toy Story 3

Inside Out Toy Story 3

One of Joy’s memory orbs holds happy memories of day care. A close look at the playground equipment looks a lot like the playground from Toy Story 3, albeit with a different slide.

In a separate memory orb incident, we can see Carl and Ellie’s wedding from Up, the last Pixar film from director Pete Docter.

Riley’s back pack has a patch of the Pixar ball on it. The Luxo Ball also appears in Riley’s house in Minnesota in one of the flashbacks of Riley playing with Bing Bong.

Chinese food box in Inside Out

Chinese food box From Bugs Life

Chinese food box From Pixar's Ratatouille
The design on the box of Chinese food goes way back in Pixar history. An identical box was used in A Bugs Life, and later re-appearing in Ratatouille.

John Ratzenberger

Finally, John Ratzenberger continues his streak of audio cameos in Pixar films appearing in Inside Out as a worker in the brain that is installing a new control panel near the end of the film.

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