2015 Student Academy Award Winners Announced

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The Academy has announced this years medalists for the Student Academy Award. The medalists in the animation category are An Object at Rest, Soar, and Taking the Plunge. The specific placement for the films- gold, silver, and bronze- will be announced on September 17 at an awards ceremony in Beverly Hills, California. Animated shorts also showed up in the alternative category, with Chiaroscuro and Zoe both also placing there.

The 2015 Student Academy Award Winners are:


Taking the Plunge, from School of Visual Arts, tells the story of a young man who tries to propose on a dock, he ends up losing the engagement ring to the drink. Fortunately, he finds a friendly octopus willing to help him find it. Unfortunately, the ring has found its way into a wicked shark’s kingdom.

Soar is by Alyce Tzue at Academy Of Art University.

An Object at Rest was created by Seth Boyden as his final thesis film at California Institute of the Arts. This film follows the life of a stone as it travels over the course of millennia, facing nature’s greatest obstacle: human civilization.

Chiaroscuro and Zoe, also from School of Visual Arts, is about a life of a man from cradle to grave.


Chiaroscuro is a College Project from Chapman University by Daniel Drummond. “Chiaroscuro” is an exercise in minimalist aesthetics and visual storytelling. An open narrative, where it is up to the audience to connect the dots.

Bennett Lasseter, the son of Pixar and Disney chief creative officer John Lasseter, also placed for a medal for his live-action short Stealth, which competed in the narrative category. The elder Lassiter took home two Student Academy Awards, first for Lady and the Lamp, then the following year for Nitemare.

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