Yellow Submarine Sinking Fast

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Zemeckis Yellow Submarine

Zemeckis Yel­low Submarine

Due to the incred­i­bly poor per­for­mance of “Mars Needs Moms” at the box office, Dis­ney is pulling out from Robert Zemeckis’ next planned motion cap­ture project, a remake of the Bea­t­les clas­sic Yel­low Sub­ma­rine. Indus­try insid­ers are see­ing this as a repu­di­a­tion of Zemeckis’ motion-capture style of ani­ma­tion, and Dis­ney clos­ing the book on any fur­ther pro­duc­tions using the technique.

Accord­ing to the Hol­ly­wood Reporter, even before the lack­lus­ter per­for­mance put in by Zemeckis’ “Mars Needs Moms”, the remake of the Bea­t­les film was on shaky ground. HR points out bud­get prob­lems as well as Zemeckis’ inabil­ity to get the Bea­t­les heirs onboard the project as major imped­i­ments to the future of the project. And almost a year to the day ago, Dis­ney closed Image­Movers Dig­i­tal Stu­dios, their joint ven­ture in Marin County with Zemeckis. With the audi­ences stay­ing away from this cur­rent motion cap­ture project, Dis­ney has now com­pletely pulled the plug on the project.

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