What– No, Spinach? (1936) — Popeye the Sailor Cartoon Series

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What-- No Spinach?

What– No Spinach?

#CotD: Wimpy isn’t just after ham­burg­ers in “What– No, Spinach?” which does fea­ture the famous green veg­etable in the end.

What– No, Spinach? (1936) — Pop­eye the Sailor Car­toon Series

Wimpy is front and cen­ter, work­ing in Bluto’s Restau­rant. He tries all sorts of tricks to get free food at the diner — mostly burg­ers, of course.

His tac­tics include pour­ing hot sauce on Popeye’s roast duck. You actu­ally feel a lit­tle sorry for Bluto, who’s work­ing pretty hard back in the kitchen and has his only cus­tomer (Pop­eye) try to walk off with­out pay­ing. Still, he gets his inevitable spinach-fueled beat­ing at reel’s end, sure enough.

Wimpy sings a lit­tle burger song to him­self at the begin­ning and end of this cartoon.

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