Video Teaser Up For Hero 6

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Just days after the big_hero_6first pictures are released from the next Disney animated film Big Hero 6, Disney has dropped a teaser trailer on the web. Timing in at 1:37, the video shows the main char­ac­ter Hiro Hamada creating his robotic cre­ation Bay­Max. In the teaser, we see that BayMax is an anamorphosis, puggy blob, and Hiro Hamada must design a fighting suit to make his robot fearsome. His designs do not quite work as planned.

Big Hero 6 will be Disney’s first ani­mated fea­ture based on Mar­vel comic char­ac­ters is due in the­aters on Novem­ber 07, 2014. Based on this preview, what do you think of this project?

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