Trick Or Treat (1952) — Donald Duck Theatrical Cartoon Series

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Trick Or Treat (1952) - Donald Duck

Trick Or Treat (1952) — Don­ald Duck

CotD: One of the bet­ter Don­ald car­toons, “Trick Or Treat” fea­tured June Foray as Witch Hazel (a char­ac­ter she also did for WB)…

Trick Or Treat (1952) — Don­ald Duck The­atri­cal Car­toon Series

Don­ald would rather play a trick on Huey, Dewey, and Louie than give them a treat on Hal­loween. Witch Hazel over­hears the prob­lem and casts a spell on Don­ald. The boys get their treat after all.

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