Trail Mix-Up (1993) — Talkartoons Theatrical Cartoon Series

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Trail Mix-Up

Trail Mix-Up

CotD: The third (and last) of the three Roger Rab­bit shorts, “Trail Mix-Up” sees Baby Her­man and Roger invade Yosemite Val­ley on vacation.

Trail Mix-Up (1993) — Talka­r­toons The­atri­cal Car­toon Series

Roger Rab­bit is left to care for Baby Her­man in Yel­low­stone National Park. When Baby Herman’s curios­ity gets the bet­ter of him, Roger is plunged into all sorts of zany adventures.

He upsets a bee­hive, meets a tree-hungry beaver, and has sev­eral mis­ad­ven­tures with a sawmill that con­clude with Roger being sawed into hun­dreds of tiny Rogers. Roger, Baby Her­man, the beaver, and a hun­gry bear are saved from going over a water­fall only to be plum­met over a cliff. They had a geyser that shoots them all into the faces carved on Mount Rush­more, ruin­ing the national land­mark. Ulti­mately, even the earth itself is destroyed!

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