Possible Toy Story 4?

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Tom Hanks Woody

Tom Hanks Woody

Tom Hanks was asked if any­one at Pixar has talked to him about voic­ing Woody again on a pos­si­ble Toy Story 4. Hanks was being inter­viewed on BBC Break­fast News on Mon­day while over­seas to pro­mote his new movie Larry Crowne. Hanks not only revealed that he feels con­fi­dent he will be voic­ing Woody in a fourth Toy Story the­atri­cal, but that the Pixar peo­ple are “work­ing on it now.”

It is pos­si­ble that a sequel is being tossed about as a poten­tial fea­ture film. But plenty of ideas get tossed up in the air; it is the really good ones that do come down as the fea­tures PIXAR makes. That is why all twelve of their fea­ture films ruled the box office on release. So at this point, don’t count on it.

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