Total Drama Revenge of the Island” coming to CN

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Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

The con­tention, the rival­ries, the ten­sion, the money and… Chef are all com­ing back to Car­toon Net­work at 7:30 p.m. on Tues­day, June 5 for the ani­mated real­ity com­pe­ti­tion series Total Drama Revenge of the Island, pro­duced by Fresh TV and dis­trib­uted by Cake Entertainment.

In past sea­sons, ego­tis­ti­cal series host Chris McLean brought the show to diverse locales, includ­ing a movie set and a voy­age around the world, but now it’s back to the island, where the drama began in Sea­son 1 — this time with an all-new cast! Since the show has gone global, Camp Wawanakwa has been aban­doned and turned into a toxic nuclear waste dump — the per­fect place for new and painful, cringe-inducing challenges!

Fight­ing for the $1 mil­lion prize are 13 wild new play­ers: ath­letic over­achiever Light­ning, wide-eyed bubble-boy Cameron, mul­ti­ple per­son­al­ity Mike, take-no-prisoners jock Jo, devi­ous Scott, fame-monger Dakota, indie chick Zoey, com­pul­sive liar Staci, strong silent genius B, fake tan and hair­spray lover Anne Maria, moon­child Dawn, nice-guy gamer Sam and cadet Brick.

This sea­son promises to be the tough­est ever. As usual, the Total Drama con­tes­tants will be split into two teams, this time there are no reward chal­lenges and one teen will be voted off in every episode. There is one chance for sal­va­tion when host Chris unveils an immu­nity statue, shaped in his own like­ness, to be hid­den some­where on the island. Who­ever finds the statue wins immu­nity from elim­i­na­tion for one radioac­tive camp­fire cer­e­mony. Those chances are slim and all but one con­tes­tant will be cat­a­pulted off the island via the Hurl of Shame! will also fea­ture a Total Drama Revenge of the Island game where con­tes­tants will attempt to bal­ance a por­tion of the Island’s mutant squir­rel pop­u­la­tion on their bod­ies all while stand­ing pre­car­i­ously on crudely built struc­tures, try­ing to dodge meat­balls being pelted at them by Chef. The player’s goal is to top­ple each con­tes­tants one-by-one using Chef and sev­eral types of meat­ball ammo rang­ing from large meat­balls that pack a punch to explo­sive and cor­ro­sive meat­balls that dam­age the struc­tures the con­tes­tants are posi­tioned on. The game has 30+ lev­els to mas­ter and will launch on May 29.

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