Tonari No Totoro (1988) — Studio Ghibli

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Tonari No Totoro

Tonari No Totoro

CotD: One of Hayao Miyazaki’s early films, “Tonari No Totoro” was released in Eng­lish until 1994.

Tonari No Totoro (1988) — Stu­dio Ghibli

Two young girls, Sat­suke and her younger sis­ter Mei, move into a house in the coun­try with their father to be closer to their hos­pi­tal­ized mother. Sat­suke and Mei dis­cover that the nearby for­est is inhab­ited by crea­tures called Totoros. They soon befriend the Totoros, and have sev­eral mag­i­cal adventures.

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