Tom and Jerry” programming turns pornographic

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Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry

Did a cat and mouse ever do any­thing like this?

When an Arling­ton, Texas mom’s young sons were view­ing Tom and Jerry on The Car­toon Net­work, they sud­denly saw more than they bar­gained for.

Rebekah Woodruff says that the boys, ages 4 and 7, had their eyes glued to the screen at about 12:30 p.m. Wednes­day. The scene sud­denly shifted, she alleges, to a porno­graphic movie.

I heard the music change. And I heard my old­est say to his lit­tle brother, ‘Don’t watch this. I think it’s some­thing bad,’” she recounted.

Dash­ing back to the liv­ing room, Mom saw graphic images of two women on the screen.

We don’t have chan­nels like that.”

Imme­di­ately, the mom asked her boys to turn around. She muted the sound and then looked at the remote to ensure they hadn’t some­how bought a pay-per-view movie.

She pushed the “infor­ma­tion” but­ton on the remote, she said. “And it says we’re watch­ing Tom and Jerry, Car­toon Net­work, at 12:30.”

After push­ing the “chan­nel up” and “chan­nel down” but­tons, the chan­nel returned to Tom and Jerry, but with­out the porn, she said.

Most of the day, I’ve just held back tears,” she said. “I’m furious.”

Time Warner Cable, her cable com­pany, apologized.

We have our engi­neer­ing team still look­ing into it,” said spokesman Jon Her­rera said.

The prob­lem doesn’t appear to have occurred across the sys­tem, as Woodruff’s com­plaint was the only one received by TWC, he added.

But Woodruff said she wants to know what was behind the snafu.

I don’t need an ‘I’m sorry.’ I want them to be held account­able,” she said. “I can’t erase it from my kids’ minds. I can’t erase it from my mind.”

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