“Tom and Jerry” programming turns pornographic

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Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry

Did a cat and mouse ever do anything like this?

When an Arlington, Texas mom’s young sons were viewing Tom and Jerry on The Cartoon Network, they suddenly saw more than they bargained for.

Rebekah Woodruff says that the boys, ages 4 and 7, had their eyes glued to the screen at about 12:30 p.m. Wednesday. The scene suddenly shifted, she alleges, to a pornographic movie.

“I heard the music change. And I heard my oldest say to his little brother, ‘Don’t watch this. I think it’s something bad,'” she recounted.

Dashing back to the living room, Mom saw graphic images of two women on the screen.

“We don’t have channels like that.”

Immediately, the mom asked her boys to turn around. She muted the sound and then looked at the remote to ensure they hadn’t somehow bought a pay-per-view movie.

She pushed the “information” button on the remote, she said. “And it says we’re watching Tom and Jerry, Cartoon Network, at 12:30.”

After pushing the “channel up” and “channel down” buttons, the channel returned to Tom and Jerry, but without the porn, she said.

“Most of the day, I’ve just held back tears,” she said. “I’m furious.”

Time Warner Cable, her cable company, apologized.

“We have our engineering team still looking into it,” said spokesman Jon Herrera said.

The problem doesn’t appear to have occurred across the system, as Woodruff’s complaint was the only one received by TWC, he added.

But Woodruff said she wants to know what was behind the snafu.

“I don’t need an ‘I’m sorry.’ I want them to be held accountable,” she said. “I can’t erase it from my kids’ minds. I can’t erase it from my mind.”

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