“Tatsumi” honored in Sitges as Best Animated Film

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Tatsumi,” by Eric Khoo, was named Best Animated Film at the 44th annual Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival in Spain on Saturday.

The 98-minute film is a co-production of studios in Singapore and Indonesia. Khoo borrowed manga artist Yoshihiro Tatsumi’s autobiography, A Drifting Life, and five short stories to take the big leap from cartoon to the big screen.

Tatsumi tells about a photographer wanders around a ravaged Hiroshima, a worker who has a monkey for a friend, a pensioner who decides to spend his final days among women, a girl prepared to break all bonds with men, and a comic book artist about to get fired.

Léo Verrier’s eight-minute Dripped was named Best Animated Short Film. Made in France, Dripped has no dialogue. Dedicated to American painter Jackson Pollock, it’s a beautiful, referential game on the subject of the recycling of pictorial styles that illustrates, literally, the nutritional power of art.

Anima’t presented its Gertie Award to animators Jordi Ojeda, Carles Santamaria and Pil Sung-Yim.

The Nova Autoria Bunuel Institute of Fundacio Autor gave Desde el averno a Special Mention for interesting animation work. Co-produced by Escola d’Animació de Catalunya and 9 Zeros, the four-minute film was made by Raúl García, Núria Argemí, Mariona Consuegra, Saúl Darú, Maria Moreira, Clara Vallvé and Bernat Vilaseca. It shows how a new soul arriving in hell to suffer for all eternity is unexpectedly offered a chance to escape.

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